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continuous mealworm dryer

The high-efficient microwave dryer machine(commercial mealworm insect drying machine) is the practical drying equipment for many large mealworm breeding plants. The hot-sale mealworm microwave dryer machine in Shuliy machinery are mainly two types: the batch microwave dryer and the continuous microwave dryer, which are designed for meeting different needs of customers with small or large dried mealworm production. The commercial mealworm drying machine can mainly dry the larvae of Tenebrio Molitor to less than 6% and can retain the nutritional components of Tenebrio insects to the greatest extent, and ensure that the dried insects have a golden color after drying.

Main purpose for drying mealworms by the microwave dryer

For most large scale mealworm farms, fresh larvae and dried worms are mainly sold, followed by the collection of worm skins for sale. Fresh Tenebrio insects larvae can be directly sold to many flower and bird markets, animal farms (chicken, scorpion, bullfrog, parrot, hamster, etc.), food processing plants, restaurants, etc.

Dried Mealworms By Microwave Dryer
dried mealworms by microwave dryer

Mealworm’s skin contains high trace elements and can be sold to pharmaceutical factories for further processing. In addition, most of the mealworm larvae on the farm can be dried and then packaged for export or sold to the market. After being dried by the microwave drying equipment, the dried insects have a longer shelf life, nutrients will not be lost, and the added value is higher.

Why choose the microwave dryer for drying mealworms?

There are many common drying equipments in life. Why must we choose a microwave dryer to dry yellow mealworm? This is because the general drying equipment cannot effectively retain the nutritional components of mealworms, which may cause a nutritional deficiency in the dried insects and may not maintain the original color of Tenebrio insects. The microwave dryer has great drying advantages. It will not only ensure that the original nutritional components of Tenebrio Molitor are not damaged, but also make the dried insects bright in color after drying, making it more market competitive.

Description of the mealworm drying machine

1. The batch type mealworm drying machine

This small microwave dryer can dry the larva of mealworms in batches. The machine is a box structure with a rotating baking tray in the drying chamber. This mealworm dryer machine is equipped with a special industrial magnetron and a microwave magnetic leakage transformer, which can withstand high temperatures and high reliability. During insect drying, the drying temperature, time and speed are all set and adjustable. This mealworm drying machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and is durable. It works very efficiently, drying 6 kg of mealworm larvae every 12 minutes.

Batch Type Microwave Dryer
Batch Type Microwave Dryer
Commercial Mealworm Dryer Machine
Commercial Mealworm Dryer Machine

Technical parameter

Power 24kw
Working time0-24h
Working capacity12minutes/6kg
Machine materialstainless steel
Machine size600*600*600mm

2. The continuous microwave dryer

This type of mealworm dryer machine is the large one for drying bulks of mealworms for many mealworm raising plants. This water-cooled microwave drying and sterilization equipment are very efficient for drying all kinds of products, such as herbals, food, feed, etc. This microwave drying equipment can be docked or automatically loaded or directly interface with the front end feed port. Processing method: using pipeline line operation, intelligent control, and automation of the program, the material is dried by microwave to obtain the finished product.

Continuous Mealworm Dryer
Continuous Mealworm Dryer
Large Mealworm Drying Machine
Large Mealworm Drying Machine

Technical parameter

Power 200kw
Drying temperature≤140℃
Control modePLC(touch screen)
Microwave frequency2450 ± 50MHz
Working capacity500kg/h
Machine size26500×1800× 2000mm

Main features of Shuliy mealworm drying machine

Our commercial microwave drying equipment is drying equipment designed based on the drying characteristics of mealworm, with reasonable design and complete functions. It has been proved in practice that our microwave dryer has the advantages of a good puffing effect, guaranteed golden color of dried insects, fast drying speed, simple operation and a high degree of automation.

 In addition, the sterilization effect of the microwave dryer is exceptionally good (have been verified by food-related departments), so our mealworm microwave dryer machine can fully meet the requirements for deep processing of mealworms.