Live & Dead Mealworms Sorting Machine

live & dead mealworm sorting machine

The live & dead mealworms sorting machine is the latest design, especially used to screen the adult, larvae, and pupae of mealworms in the mealworm farms. The screening accuracy of this automatic screening machine is very high, and the screening efficiency is 10 times that of manual screening. Adults, larvae, pupae, etc. after being sieved by the sieving machine can be collected separately.

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Methods for sorting yellow mealworms

In the process of breeding yellow mealworms, farmers usually need to sort the insects in the tenebrio Molitor breeding box at regular intervals. The purpose of the live & dead mealworms sorting machine is to sort out the yellow mealworms at different growth stages in the breeding box.

Common methods to sort the mealworms

  1. Pick up by hand. The method of manually picking yellow mealworms is suitable for separating a small number of dead insects. The advantage of manual sorting of yellow mealworms is that it is simple and convenient, but the disadvantage is that it is time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  2. Food lure. Taking advantage of the immobile nature of dead insects, put some larger leaves in the insect box, and the live insects will quickly crawl on the leaves to feed. At this time, the dead and live insects can be separated by removing the leaves.
  3. Use the black cloth to collect live yellow mealworms. Cover the live and dead insects with a soaked black cloth. Most of the live yellow mealworms will climb on the black cloth, and the black cloth can be removed to achieve the effect of separation.
Mealworm Farming
mealworm farming

Why choose a sorting machine for insect larvae separating?

In the breeding process of mealworms, there are many ingredients in the feeding tank: large larvae, small larvae, pupae, weak insects that are declining, insect skins, insect dung, feed, adult insects, etc. Mealworm undergoes four variants in its life, from eggs to adults step by step. In this process, the most dangerous stage is the growth stage of small larvae, pupae, and weak insects.

If the yellow mealworms in the breeding box are not separated in time, the breeding output of the farm will be reduced. This is because the yellow mealworms have the habit of killing each other. At the same time, timely removal of insect dung, insect skin, and the remaining food is also conducive to the growth of insects and the use of energy. Therefore, the separation of yellow mealworms is of great significance in the breeding process of yellow mealworms.

With the help of an automatic screening machine, the rapid screening of the adults, larvae, and pupae of mealworms can greatly improve the processing efficiency and save labor, and reduce the labor intensity of the workers.

Main structure of the live & dead mealworms sorting machine

The structure of the yellow mealworm separator includes a frame, an upper vibrating screen, a lower vibrating screen, an insect bucket, a wind box, a fecal receiving box, a conveyor belt one, and a conveyor belt two. The lower left bottom of the conveyor belt one has an upper brush wheel, the lower part of the upper brush wheel is equipped with an upper insect box, and the upper insect box is also placed on the rack.

A second conveyor belt is installed in the frame at the lower part of the upper insect box, and two ends of the conveyor belt are provided with rollers. The left roller is coaxial with the big wheel of the lower conveyor belt, and the right roller can move left and right, which is adjusted by the second adjusting screw.

The lower left end of the second conveyor belt is provided with a lower brush, which is driven by a small wheel of the lower brush. The automatic sorting machine has a simple operation and can well realize the multi-layer separation of dead insects, pupae, insect dung, insect skins, large and small insects, and adults in yellow mealworm.

Structure Of Live &Amp; Dead Mealworm Sorting Machine
structure of live & dead mealworm sorting machine

Parameters of the live & dead mealworms sorting machine

Voltage220V, 50-60HZ
Dimension1500*750 *800MM
Mealworm Larvae Sifter Machine
mealworm larvae sifter machine

Operation tips of the live & dead mealworms sorting machine

  1. Universal wheels are installed at the bottom of the machine, which is convenient for forwarding and moving left and right. The wheels are equipped with a brake function, no need to press the brake when moving the machine.
  2. If the ground of the breeding house is uneven, the machine will shake when the machine is turned on. At this time, you can pad the top wood at the bottom of the machine to keep the wheels off the ground. (There is a square wood in the package of the machine, which can be used directly!)
  3. Please check whether the screws and nuts of each part of the machine are tightened before applying the machine.
  4. Before turning on the power to test the machine, check whether the circuit and motor of the machine are normal.
  5. Check the rotation and speed of the separator and the position of the separating cloth. If there is any abnormality, adjust it in place.

Factors that can affect the screening accuracy