Commercial Mealworm Sifting Machine | Tenebrio Molitor Separator

mealworm sifting machine

The commercial mealworm sifting machine(Tenebrio Molitor separator, barley worms sorting machine) is specially designed for assisting the work of many mealworm farmers. With high screening efficiency, this electric mealworm machine can replace much labor work for picking out the mealworm skins and feces, pupae, dead or damaged worms of the mealworm raising boxes during the whole breeding process.

Also, this machine has the function of screening big/small mealworms and vacuuming and can sieve eggs by changing the screen for the second time. Regularly screening the Tenebrio insects can make sure a clean environment for their better growth.

With the continuous updating of the machine, the external for the latest 5th generation of yellow mealworm sifter machine uses the environmentally friendly grade galvanized material (gray color).

Adult Insects Breeding
adult insects breeding

When should the mealworm farmers screen these worms?

We all know that the mealworm farmers should add the feed into the raising boxes regularly. They will put all kinds of fruit and vegetable leaves and scraps, wheat bran, rice bran, distiller’s grains, and other organic materials into each of the worm breeding boxes. And after a period of time, when the feed in the breeding box is eaten up, there will also be a lot of insect dung and part of the exuviated skin, the whole breeding box will appear gray and black, which means these boxes should be cleaned or screened in time.

Then, the farmers should pour all the materials of the breeding boxes for deeply sorting, and the mealworm sifting machine can separate out these skins and debris as well as the worms quickly. Especially for the larvae, which should be screened almost per 3-5 days, or these worms will eat each other and reduce the survival rate.

Brief description of the mealworm sifting machine

This type of automatic mealworm sifting machine is mainly used in most of the small and medium-sized mealworm farms at home and abroad. It has a reasonable and compact structure, high working efficiency and long service life. Compared with the multifunctional mealworm separator, this machine is more economical for the small mealworm breeders. They can use this machine to sort the worms with different sizes twice as efficient as labor.

Structure Of Commercial Mealworm Sifting Machine
structure of commercial mealworm sifting machine

This barley worm sorting machine can separate worm feces, worm skin, impurities, pupae, dead worms, large worms, and small worms at one time. After the screening is completed, different classifications will flow out from specialized outlets. The machine takes only 9 seconds from feeding to sorting, and there is no dust pollution during the whole screening process. The machine’s dust removal device can automatically collect dust particles into the dust bags.

Mealworm separating machine operation tips

1. The bottom of the Tenebrio insects sorter machine is equipped with universal wheels for easy forward and left-to-right movement, and each wheel is equipped with a brake function. You don’t need to press the brake when moving.

2. If the ground of the breeding room is not flat, there will be shaking when using the mealworm sifting machine. A wooden block can be placed on the bottom of the machine so that the wheels can be lifted off the ground.

3. After the mealworm separator is installed, the screw holes on both sides of the bracket of the separator must be corresponding to the screw holes on the bottom left of the machine. Then fix the bracket with the two matched nuts, and then install the separation device on the bracket.

4. Check whether the screws and nuts of each part are tightened.

5. Turn on the power, turn on and check whether the circuit and motor equipment are running normally.

Mealworm Raising
Mealworm raising

6. Tie up the cloth bag containing worm droppings and worm skin impurities.

7. Place the boxes containing enlarged insects, small insects, dead insects, or tapeworms at their respective exit locations.

8. Check the rotation and speed of the rollers of the Tenebrio Molitor screening machine and the position of the separation cloth.

9. Check whether each function switch achieves the function direction you need.

10. Pour the worms to be screened into the worm bucket, turn on the power, start-up, and adjust the feed. Pay attention to replacing the insect box in time to prevent overflow.

Technical parameters of SL-5 mealworm sifting machine

ModelSL-5 mealworm separating machine
Power1.1kw + 0.75kw+ 0.25kw
Sieve dung300kg-500kg/h
Separate big/small worm150kg/h
Select pupae/dead worm50-70kg/h
Net weight310kg
Machine Size1690x810x1160mm

Testing video of SL-5 mealworm sifting machine for customers