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Founded in 2010, Zhengzhou, China, Shuliy machinery has been the top enterprise for manufacturing and trading the mealworm(or other kinds of worms) separator machines. We not only keep improving the machine performance based on users’ feedback but also provide the most efficient worm raising technology for our customers. We are committed to creating maximum economic benefits for users through this mealworm screening machine.

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Our sales consultant will answer your questions in details as soon as possible, including machine working videos, parameters, quotations and so on.

To make sure the actual requirements of the customer, such as the worm size, machine voltage, screening size,etc.

Help arrange the customer’s schedule including airport pick-up and hotel-booking for visiting our factory.


When the order is made, we will arrange shipping soon based on the contract required and send the detailed use and care guide to the users.

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New-type Mealworm Sifter| Pupa Sorting Machine

This new type of mealworm sifter machine is manufactured with stainless steel, which is the ninth generation of Tenebrio molitor screening equipment developed by our factory, and its performance has been greatly improved. The screening efficiency of live insects and insect dung has been doubled.

How to breed mealworms in the United States?

The commercial mealworm separating machine independently developed and manufactured by our factory is the essential equipment for the mealworm breeding industry, and has now been exported to mealworm farms in more than 50 countries. Among them, American customers have the most cooperation with our factory, because the mealworm breeding industry in the United States is developing rapidly. So, how to breed mealworms in the United States?

Will it make money to raise yellow mealworms in 2020?

Mealworm(Tenebrio molitor) is a kind of insects that eat wheat bran, crop straw bran powder and discarded vegetables. The feeding cost of mealworm is relatively low, but its protein content is high, so its market price is relatively high. Farming yellow mealworms can be profitable by selling live larvae, adults, insect dung, etc. At present, every country in the world has different scales of mealworm farms, so will it really make money to breed yellow mealworms in 2020?