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What is the mealworm separator machine?

Mealworm separator(worm larvae screening machine) is designed for sorting out the clean mealworms from the bulks of worms and separating the dead and damaged worm, worm skins, worm droppings and other debris with high efficiency.

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Why choose Shuliy mealworm screening machines?

With continuous research, innovation and optimization of mealworm(Tenebrio Molitor )farming and processing machinery, our screening machines manufacturing technology has matured. Our mealworm separator machine has won praise from customers from all over the world, created huge economic benefits for their breeding industry, and promoted the local economic development of users.

About Shuliy Machinery

With more than 10 years’ manufacturing practice of the commercial worm raising and processing equipment, Shuliy machinery has support thousands of mealworm processing machines to the countries at home and abroad, such as Canada, Belgium, Germany, Australia, USA, Chile, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, etc.

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