Latest Tenebrio Molitor Sorting Machine for Mealworms Separating

Tenebrio Molitor sorting machine

The latest Tenebrio Molitor sorting machine is the 10th generation, newly designed for screening the big/mid/small worms, skins and impurities, dung, pupae, and dead worms. The above can be done in 9 seconds at once, which is very efficient.

In addition, this yellow mealworm sifter is made of 201 stainless steel and baking paint material, the appearance is not only beautiful and attractive but also has a long service life. Moreover, the machine also absorbs dust during the whole period of sieving yellow mealworms to prevent damage to the operator caused by dust roaming in the sky.

What functions are added for the 10th Tenebrio Molitor sorting machine?

Compared with the previous 5th-generation and 9th-generation machines, this multifunctional yellow mealworm separator is more comprehensive, with the following added functions:

The 10Th Mealworm Separator
the 10th mealworm separator
  1. Medium worm sieving. On the basis of the original machine, the function has added a medium insect fly shooting function, which can sieve large insects, medium insects, and small insects three kinds.
  2. Vibration optimization. According to the feedback from customers, we adjust the machine to make it work with less vibration and reduce the damage to the pupae.
  3. Increased safety and screening effectiveness. After a comprehensive upgrade, the machine has a more comprehensive performance, greatly improved efficiency, and much higher safety. On the whole, it is more advanced than before, with more functions, and the screening effect is better and faster.

Detailed structure Tenebrio Molitor mealworms sorting machine for sale

S/NMachine part nameFunction
1InletPut the mealworms into the inlet
2MotorSupport power for the machine to work
3Skin and impurities exitMealworm skins and light impurities and dust sucked out by the fan are discharged from this port.
4Function control switchYou can turn it to all functions or partial functions when using the Tenebrio Molitor sorting machine.
5Midworm exitMedium mealworms are discharged from this outlet.
6PLCThe entire machine control switch, you can adjust the screening speed and the speed of the belt separation.
7Big worm exitBig mealworms are discharged from this outlet.
8Small worm exitSmall mealworms are discharged from this outlet.
9Excrement exitMealworm dung is discharged from this outlet.

All functions are: selecting pupae, dividing dead insects, dividing large/medium/small insects, sieving sand, removing the skin, removing impurities, dividing adult insects, and vacuuming.

Partial functions are: sieving sand, removing the skin, removing impurities, and vacuuming.

Features of SL-10 multifunctional Tenebrio Molitor sorting machine

1. Function improvement

Solve the problem of greater damage to the pupae, change the internal screening structure to reduce the damage to the pupae;

Add a medium and small insect screen, you can sieve large/small/medium three sizes of mealworm insects.

Screen Of Tenebrio Molitor Sorting Machine
screen of Tenebrio Molitor sorting machine

2. High efficiency

All functions are about 400 kg/hour, and some functions are about 800 kg/hour, which can support the work efficiency of 12 people for an hour.

3. CE certification

At present, our company is a mealworm sifter manufacturer that has got the CE certification in the industry, and we have exported a large number of yellow mealworm screening machines to the EU and US markets.

Ce Certificate
CE certificate

Technical parameters of stainless steel mealworm sorting machine

Voltage220V, 50-60HZ (customized)
Capacity of all functions400kg/h
Capacity of partial functions800kg/h
Machine size2060*1190*830mm
Material201 stainless steel+paint
Applicable rangeLarval, pupa, adult stages of mealworm and barley worm
Operator required1

Video of the 10th Tenebrio Molitor sorting machine