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The automatic superworm sorting machine is specially designed for screening larger worms. The superworm sifter machine can separate the dung, large, medium, and small worms of barley worms at one time, and collect them through special outlets. Superworms screening can be completed in about 5 seconds from feeding to sorting. The superworms sorting machine also has an automatic dust removal function, which can ensure the cleanliness of the screening process and avoid dust pollution. The screening efficiency of this screening machine is about 300kg/h.

Automatic Superworms Sorting Machine For Sale
automatic superworms sorting machine for sale

The difference between mealworms and superworms

Mealworm and superworm are different in origin, larval appearance, adult appearance, and nutritional value. The reason why we use different screening equipment to screen yellow mealworms and superworms is that their body types are quite different.

The larvae of the two insects are of different body types

Mealworms: mealworm larvae are slender and cylindrical in shape. The body length of the mature larva is (24-29) mm, and the newly hatched larva is milky white, and then turns yellowish-brown. Mealworm larvae have light brown on the back and front edge of each node, and yellow-white between nodes and ventral surface. The body length and headshell width of each instar larvae are relatively stable, which is the main basis for larvae age classification.

Superworms: The larvae of Superworms are generally 40-60 mm long and 5-6 mm wide. A single larva weighs about 1.3 to 1.5 grams and is cylindrical. The body wall of Superworms larvae is hard, yellowish-brown, and shiny. The larva has 13 sections, with yellowish-brown rings at the junctions and a yellow abdomen. During the growth of the larvae, the color of the body surface is white first and then turns yellow-brown after the first molting. After that, it molts once every 4 to 6 days and molts 6 to 10 times in the larval stage.

Superworms &Amp; Mealworms
superworms & mealworms

Parameters of the superworm sorting machine

Voltage220V, 50-60HZ
Screening methodSwing back and forth
FunctionsLarvae size sorting, dust removing, worm dung removing
Whether the screening speed is adjustableno
Whether the screen can be replacedyes

Structure of the superworm sorting machine

The superworms sifter machine is also called barley worm sifter machine, and its structure mainly includes box shell, dust removal fan, dust bag, conveyor belt, vibration device, motor, small insect outlet, large insect outlet, insect dung outlet, etc.

Structure Of The Superworm Sorting Machine
structure of the superworm sorting machine

How to operate the barleyworm sifter machine?

  • Before starting the superworm sorting machine, put the boxes for receiving large insects, medium insects, small insects and insect dung at their respective exit positions.
Mealworm Sifter Usage
mealworm sifter usage
  • Pour worms that needed to be selected into the machine feed inlet. Then connect to the power, switch on the machine, and adjust feed quantity. Please attention to change worm picking boxes timely to avoid overflow.
  • If you feel that the “machine vibration is too large” or “the screening speed is too fast”, it can be adjusted by adjusting the “speed adjuster”. For example, by sifting the worms before the age of 7, we can adjust the speed of vibration screening quickly (high point) and slow down the old worms after 7 years old. For example, if you feel the vibration is too loud, you can slow down the oscillator.
Adjustment Switch
adjustment switch

How to replace the screen of the superworm sorting machine?

  • First use the inner 6-angle wrench to open and remove the cover. Then use the inner 6-angle wrench to remove the tail cover. Then open the doors on both sides of the machine, and loosen the top screws of the screen from both sides.
  • To replace the sieve of the sieve feces and the sieve for dividing small and small insects, you must first loosen the 6 top screws under the sieve. Pull out the screen again and replace it with a new one. Then tighten the top screws again.