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delicious mealworm pies

Why not to try to eat mealworm snacks and foods?

In addition to being processed into nutritious animal feed, mealworm can also be processed into a variety of delicious snacks and dishes. For example, Korea’s mealworm biscuits, Germany’s “Bug Burger”, and Swiss mealworm pie, etc. Why don’t we try this amazing mealworm food. Shuliy mealworm machinery manufacturer will share you some useful guidance here.

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mealworm separating machine of the shuliy factory

New-designed Mealworm Separating Machine Was Shipped to Belgium

Mealworm has high nutritional and commercial value. Investors in many countries have started to pay attention to the breeding of mealworm in recent years and have purchased many practical and efficient mealworm breeding machinery such as electric mealworm separating machine from our mealworm machine factory. Last month, we shipped about 10 sets of mealworm sorting machines to Australia, Chile, Indonesia and Belgium.

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