Mealworm Separating Machine Manufacturer

Mealworm Separating Machine Manufacturer

The electric mealworm separating machine(worms sorting equipment) manufactured by Shuliy company is the newest generation of the mealworm processing machines. This commercial mealworm(Tenebrio Molitor larvae) screening machine can sort the commodity mealworms out of the raising plants for selling at a good price. And the sieved mealworm skins, insect feces, the broken or dead worms can be collected for making nutritious animal feed.

Electric Mealworm Sorting Equipment For Sale
electric mealworm sorting equipment for sale

The market prospect for breeding mealworms

The future of Tenebrio Molitor‘s culture is very broad. Tenebrio Molitor(mealworm) is mainly edible wheat bran, crop straw, bran powder, and waste vegetables, which can be reused by the abandoned resources of farmers, so the cost of feeding mealworms is low.

Secondly, all kinds of breeding industries are developing very fast, so a lot of high-quality feed is needed. And the mealworm(Tenebrio Molitor) is also an indispensable animal feed in many breeding industries so that the nutritious mealworms are in great demand.

Mealworms As The Animal Feed
mealworms as the animal feed

In addition, because it is rich in protein and other nutrients, Tenebrio larvae are also processed into a variety of delicious food, which is popular in many restaurants. Now the breeding technology of mealworms is more and more advanced, and it is gradually moving towards scale and deep processing so that the market prospects of mealworm raising will be broader.

Why use the mealworm separating machine for screening?

The ”dead worms” phenomenon may be common for most of the mealworm breeders during the Tenebrio Molitor raising processing, which means there will be a part of dead worms occur in the breeding plant. Therefore, the farmers should remove these dead mealworms and other debris timely to avoid influence on the live mealworms.

This special mealworm sieving machine can replace the labor picking out of these dead worms and worm droppings very efficiently and can greatly reduce the mortality rate of yellow mealworm caused by screening, and can distinguish four different body sizes of finished insects, large, medium and small insects.

Mealworm Screening Machines Are In Stock
mealworm screening machines are in stock

How does the mealworm separating machine work?

As the professional mealworm screening machine manufacturer, Shuliy Machinery has updated several types of mealworm machines for assisting the worms breeders at home and abroad. The electric Tenebrio Molitor larvae sorting equipment is driven by motors which can drive the inner sprocket structure of this machine for continuous separating.

The inner structure of the mealworm separator is mainly composed of the screening meshes for sieving out the clean mealworms through multi-layers. The screening box of the machine is easy to split, easy to collect and clean the remaining yellow mealworm in the box, high efficiency, greatly reduce the cost of artificial sorting of mealworms.

Small Mealworm Breeding Plant Of The Korean Customer
small mealworm breeding plant of the Korean customer

Technical data of the automatic mealworm separator

Voltage220v/50hz  ( can customize)
Sorting for worm droppings300kg/h
Separating big/small worm150kg/h
Selecting commodity worm 150kg/h
Net weight243kg
Machine Size162x68x112cm