Multifunctional Mealworm Separator Machine

Multifunctional Mealworm Separator Machine

Shuliy multifunctional mealworm separator machine is the special screening equipment for sorting out mealworm skins, mealworm droppings, dead or damaged worms from bulks of mealworms. This automatic mealworm separator is commonly used by many commodity worms breeders with small, medium and large scales.

Commercial Mealworm Separating Machine In The Factory
Commercial Mealworm Separating Machine In The Factory

Why use the mealworm separator machine when raising worms?

Lots of worm larvae farmers own their processing plants for breeding the nutritious worms and selling the clean worms to the animal feed processing factory and the food processing industry.

When breeding these mealworms, they are usually kept in individual breeding boxes, and each containing perhaps hundreds of larvae. When these larvae grow to about 3-3.5 cm, they can be sold. But before being sold, these larvae need to be screened to get clean adult worms.

Working Process Of The Mealworm Screening Machine
working process of the mealworm screening machine

Electric mealworm separator machine structure

This electric mealworm machine is mainly driven by three motors for continuous screening. It has a reasonable and compact structure for easy moving and applying. The main parts of this mealworm screening machine are including the worm larvae feeding hopper, multi-layer vibrating screen, machine body, speed regulating bellows, clean worm collecting box, dead and damaged worm collecting box, blowing fans, mealworm skins and droppings collecting box, soft brush rollers and so on.  

Clean Mealworms Sorted By The Shuliy Machines
clean mealworms sorted by the Shuliy machines

What can the clean mealworm be used for?

The mealworm(Tenebrio Molitor) is rich in protein, amino acid, fat, fatty acid, sugar, microelement, vitamin, zinc, iron, copper, etc. it can be used as a good feed for medical animals such as scorpion, centipede, snake, frog, fish, poultry and rare birds.

After fed with the nutritious mealworm, these animals will grow fast, have a high survival rate and strong disease resistance. In addition, after being specially processed, these mealworms can also be used as raw materials of human food, health products, and medicines.

Canada Customer'S Mealworm Raising Plant
Canada customer’s mealworm raising plant

Working characteristics of the automatic mealworm sorting machine

1. This electric mealworm separator machine has various functions and is very practical. A series of processing steps of Tenebrio Molitor, such as screening and filling feces, removing insect skin and screening commodity insects, can be realized on one machine at the same time, greatly improving the labor efficiency of workers. After adjustment, the screening equipment can also automatically distinguish the size of insects and screen the pupae and adults.

2. One person can operate the worms sifter. After screening, the net, dead and fecal insect skins can be collected automatically by corresponding collecting bags, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity and cost of workers. The processing capacity of the machine per hour is equivalent to the workload of six people per hour.

Freshly Manufactured Mealworm Separator Machines
freshly manufactured mealworm separator machines

3. The machine will not cause a lot of dust in the process of operation, because the sealing of the machine itself is good. In addition, the sundries such as insect dung, insect skin, etc. are directly packed in a sealed bag, which will not pollute the working environment.

4. The structure of the automatic mealworm screening equipment is simple and the operation is convenient. Casters are installed at the bottom of the machine, which can be pushed back and forth freely in the breeding room and can reduce the labor of workers.

Technical data of the mealworm separator machine

Voltage220v/50hz  ( can customize)
Sorting for worm droppings230kg/h
Sorting big/small worms150kg/h
Separating commodity worms 100kg/h
Net weight185kg
Machine Size145x66x110cm