New-type Mealworm Sifter| Pupa Sorting Machine

This new type of mealworm sifter machine is manufactured with stainless steel, which is the ninth generation of Tenebrio molitor screening equipment developed by our factory, and its performance has been greatly improved. The screening efficiency of live insects and insect dung has been doubled.

Why do we continue to update the mealworm screening equipment?

Everything changes over time, and so is our mealworm pupa sorting machine. We often keep in touch with the users who bought and use our equipment, listen to their using experience and adopt their improvement suggestions, and then analyze the structural characteristics of the screening machine based on the user’s characteristics and to discuss the improvement methods of the new mealworm sifter machine.

mealworm for processing
mealworm for processing

This is why we will continue to produce different sorting machines for mealworms. We just want to make a mealworm screening machine that is more convenient to use and more efficient through continuous practice.

Characteristics of the new mealworm sifter

This machine can separate worm dung, worm skin, impurities, pupae, dead worms, big worms, and small worms at one time. And they are respectively exported from special outlets.

This new type of mealworm sifter machine only takes 9 seconds to screen one batch of mealworms. The stainless steel mealworm sorting machine has dust absorption throughout the screening process to prevent dust from damaging the operator’s health.

Technical parameter of mealworm pupa sorting machine

Full-featured output300kg/h
Output of some functions800kg/h
Net weight220kg
Machine Size2000x1150x900mm

Display of the stainless steel mealworm sifter

  • The appearance of the machine
mealworm sifter machine's structure
mealworm sifter machine for sale
  • The functions of mealworm separator machine
functions of mealworm separator machine
functions of mealworm separator machine
  • The applications of mealworm pupa sorting machine
mealworm sorting machine's application fields
mealworm sorting machine’s application fields

Main features of the new mealworm sifter machine

1. The ninth-generation machine is based on the previous eighth-generation machine, which solves the problem of relatively large damage to roundworms. The internal screening structure is changed from the last election to the first selection, reducing damage to mealworm insects.

2. To improve the separation of live insects from immobile insects, there are some live insect problems in immobile insects. Upgrade from the original one-layer separation cloth tape to two-layer separation cloth tape; separate the cloth from the tile.

working effect of the stainless steel mealworm sifter
working effect of the stainless steel mealworm sifter

3. The belt was changed to a 20-degree oblique design, which greatly improved the separation of live and immobile insects, and made some older insects more stable than before; the separation cloth belt was extended from the original 1 meter to 1.8 meters. More time to hold old worms and diseased, less moving live insects. Previously there were about 10% -25% live insects in fixed insects, now it can be reduced to about 1% -7%.

4. Improve Large and small insect separation screen, the length of the internal mesh screen is upgraded from the original 1 meter to 1.5 meters to make the size separation faster, more uniform and more efficient.

5. The casing is changed to a stainless steel casing, which is more resistant to dirt and rust; The fixing is fixed by a buckle, which is convenient for door maintenance and inspection of the inside of the machine.

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