Dust-free Mealworm Sorting Machine | Barley Worm Separator

mealworm(barley worm) sorting machine

This dust-free mealworm sorting machine ( barley worm separator machine) is the new generation of mealworm machines with a reasonable structure. This electric mealworm separating equipment can screen the dust, worm droppings, worm skins, and dead mealworm out of the bulks of raising mealworms for most of the mealworm breeders efficiently.

The main structure of the mealworm sorting machine

This commercial barley worm separator is welcomed by farmers of different countries for the well-farming of mealworms. For reducing the air pollution of the working site, this new-designed mealworm screening machine has great functions for collecting the dust and sorting the barley worms quickly during the working process.

Shuliy Mealworm Sifting Machine
Shuliy mealworm sifting machine
Barley Worms Sorting Machine
barley worms sorting machine
Dust Free Mealworm Separator Structure
Dust-Free Mealworm Separator Structure

With a compact structure, this mealworm sorting machine is composed of the frame body, dust blowing fan, electric control cabinet, feed hopper, the power switch and the regulating switch, pupae outlet, dead worm exit, mealworm skins outlet, small worm discharging port, big worm discharging port, motors and so on.

How does the mealworm sorting machine work?

The automatic barley worms separator is provided with an open bracket at the upper end, and a sieve which can be directly taken up and down is placed in the bracket through a pressure spring. The screening meshes are laid in several layers for multistage sievings, such as screening the worm skins and droppings, dead or damaged worms, the small size of worm larvae, pupae and the adult insects. When this mealworm sorting machine is working, it will sieve out the larvae slung and skins, dead and damaged mealworms continuously and then grade the mealworms into four levels based on the mealworm size.

Mealworms For Screening
mealworms for screening

Precautions and solutions for using the mealworm sorting machine

Although this barley worm screening machine is very efficient, it’s really working effect will be different when is operated by different users and used in a different working environment. Therefore, to master the correct operation instructions is very important for all the mealworm breeders. Here are some useful tips which are summarized by Shuliy company for helping you.

1. When the temperature is lower than 25℃, the crawling ability of the Tenebrio mealworm will be greatly reduced. Under these conditions for using this mealworm separator, the healthy insects will directly fall into the collecting area for dead insects and pupae, which will affect the mealworms’ cleaning rate. The good solution is to screen the mealworms in the warm places or in the greenhouse temperature.

2. The feeding amount of the worms is too fast or too slow will affect the actual sorting effect, which will cause mealworms to pile up on the conveyor belt during the screening process. Therefore, we should add the mealworms into the feed hopper at an even speed.

3. The group potential of the barley worm of different farmers is different, and the group potential is strong, the selection is clean, otherwise, the selection is poor (similar to the situation of different temperatures). We should adjust the screen plate at the bottom of the upper and lower conveyor belt when separating the mealworm.

Canada Customer'S Plant For Raising Mealworms
Canada customer’s plant for raising mealworms

Mealworm sorting machine details

Voltage220v/50hz  ( can customize)
Sorting for small worms300kg-500kg/h
Sorting for big worms150kg/h
Separating for worm droppings300-500kg/h
Net weight135kg
Machine Size140x72x92cm