Bulgarian client ordered yellow mealworm sifting machine to help the development of farms

Shuliy yellow mealworm sifting machine attracts Bulgarian insect farming to buy because the machine features high efficiency, precision & long-term use.
yellow mealworm sifting machine

This Bulgarian customer owns a yellow mealworm farm, whose main business is to breed and sell yellow mealworms. With the expansion of the farm scale, the customer needs efficient equipment to improve the screening efficiency and quality of the yellow mealworms.

Clear demand

The customer clearly expressed the need for an efficient and reliable yellow mealworm sifting machine to improve mealworms’ sieving efficiency to meet the market demand. After comparing several machines, the customer chose Shuliy’s yellow mealworm sifter.

Stainless Steel Mealworm Separator
stainless steel mealworm separator

What kind of machine advantages attract him to choose us?

  • Capacity of all functions(200kg/h) & partial functions(400kg/h)
  • Screen out three types of mealworms, large, medium and small, at one time
  • 201 stainless steel made, durability

The yellow mealworm sifting machine is able to quickly separate the yellow mealworms from the impurities, which significantly improves the screening efficiency. He is especially satisfied with the high precision of the sieving machine, which ensures the quality of the product and thus improves the competitiveness in the market.

Thus, he placed the below order:

Mealworm separator machine
Mealworm Separator Machine
Model: SL-10
Voltage: 220v/50hz
Power: 0.86kw
Full-featured output: About 200kg/h
Output of some functions: About 400kg/h
Net weight: 220kg
Machine Size: 2060x1190x830mm
1 pc
machine list for Bulgaria

Customer feedback

He expressed a positive attitude after using our yellow mealworm separator machine. He said that the mealworm separating machine not only improves the working efficiency, but also reduces the labor cost, which makes the farm operation smoother.

This customer is very satisfied with the performance and results of the equipment and plans to continue to cooperate with us in the future.

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