Australian client buys Shuliy microwave dryer to improve mealworm drying efficiency

This Australian customer was attracted to this microwave dryer because of its drying mealworms in a short time, uniform drying and reducing operating costs.
microwave dryer

This Australian customer operates a yellow mealworm farm, whose main business is breeding and processing yellow mealworms. In order to improve the shelf life and quality of the products, the customer decided to introduce efficient drying equipment.

After conducting market research, the customer found that the traditional drying methods were inefficient and could not meet the needs of their large-scale production. Therefore, the customer needed a machine that could dry yellow mealworms quickly and efficiently.

Why choose Shuliy microwave dryer?

After many comparisons, this customer finally chose our microwave dryer machine. The following points are very attractive to him:

  • Drying mealworms in a short time. Our microwave drying machine adopts advanced microwave heating technology, which can completely dry the yellow mealworms with 5-7.5kg/batch and 0-40 circles/min.
  • Uniform drying. During the drying process, the machine uses steam drying. Thus, the mealworms are dried evenly to maintain their nutrient content.
  • Reducing operation costs. This machine has characteristics of high-efficiency performance and low energy consumption, helping customers save costs.

These advantages can help his business, so he chose our equipment. Order details are as follows:

Microwave dryer
Microwave Dryer For Sale
Power supply: 380V±5%, 50Hz±1%, 3p
Microwave output power: 8kw
Number of trays: 3pcs
Capacity: 5-7.5kg/batch
Microwave frequency: 2450MHz±50MHz
Overall dimension: 1400*1200*1600mm
Microwave heating box: 1000*900*1000mm
Diameter of trays: 500mm
Tray speed: 0-40circles/min(adjustable)
Temperature range: 0-300℃(adjustable)
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Customer feedback

After using Shuliy’s microwave dryer, this customer is very satisfied with the performance of the equipment. The drying process is fast and even, and the quality of the product has improved significantly.

The customer said, “This dryer not only improves the mealworm drying efficiency, but also reduces the complexity of manual operation, so that the overall operation of the farm is smoother.”

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