Commercial mealworm separator was sold to Australia again

commercial mealworm separator for sale

The mealworm separating machine is the common equipment in insect farms, which can efficiently screen and classify a large number of insect larvae and pupae. Due to good quality and high efficiency, our commercial mealworm separators are widely exported to all over the world. Recently, we have exported another mealworm separator to Australia.


Why does the insect farm use the mealworm sifting machine?

Anyone who knows insect farming knows that in the process of insect farming, farmers should regularly clean up debris and insect feces in each breeding box.

If manual cleaning is used, it will consume a lot of time and manpower, and once the insects are not screened and cleaned in time, insects will eat each other and a lot of death will occur.

Large Mealworm Breeding Plant In Australia
Large Mealworm Breeding Plant In Australia

The use of a commercial mealworm separator machine for rapid screening and cleaning of insects will save time and manpower and reduce production costs.

Details about the Australia order of commercial mealworm separator

The Australian customer has its own medium-sized insect farm and urgently needs an efficient screening equipment to treat the yellow mealworms it breeds. After seeing our website, he was very interested and contacted our sales consultant.

Our sales consultant sent him the working video of the machine, technical parameters, CE certificate, and quotation in time. The Australian customer was very satisfied with the service and product quotation we provided and quickly delivered a 30% deposit.

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