Common Feed Formula for Mealworm Breeding

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The yellow mealworm, with its high protein content and easy digestion, is generally considered to be the preferred feed for goldfish, ornamental birds, tropical fish and ornamental fish. 

As more fish and birds are raised in homes around the world, many farmers are starting to breed their own mealworms for animal feed. But due to lack of experience, the effect is not very good. As a benchmark in the yellow mealworm breeding industry and a manufacturer of mealworm machinery, we would like to share with you some useful feed formulas and processing methods for yellow mealworm.

Feed formulations of mealworm at different growth stages

1. Feeding formula for mealworm larvae

Wheat bran 70%, corn flour 24%, soybean flour 5%, salt 0.5%, feed complex vitamin 0.5%.

2. Feeding formula for adult mealworm

Wheat bran 45%, corn flour 35%, soybean cake 18%, salt 1.5%, dietary multivitamin 0.5%.

3. Feeding formula for spawning adults mealworms.

Wheat bran 75%, fish meal 5%, corn flour 15%, sugar 3%, salt 1.2%, dietary multivitamin 0.8%.

4. Feeding formula for breeding adults mealworms.

Pure wheat flour (ground flour of poor quality such as wheat or malt) 95%, sugar 2%, royal jelly 0.2%, dietary multivitamin 0.4%, salt 2.4%.


Because yellow mealworm is omnivorous animal, should not feed the same kind of feed above for a long time, often must supplement a few vegetable leaves or melon peel extra, supplement the moisture that its grows to need and vitamin c when, improve its growth rate.

Mealworm Screening Machines Are In Stock
Mealworm Screening Machines Are In Stock

Processing method of mealworm feed

Feed is in processing, can mix all sorts of feed and additive first and stir even, add 10% of clear water next (compound vitamin can join water to stir even) mix well again after drying reserve. High quality mealworm machines can do great help for your mealworms breeding farm.

For starch content more feed raw materials, can use 15% of the boiling water will be its hot mix with other feed raw materials after mixing well, dry in the sun for backup, but the vitamin must not use hot water.

After processing, the water content of feed should not exceed 12% in general, to prevent mildew and deterioration, for mildew and worm feed to be dried in time, or placed in the drying box, and the oven at about 50℃ temperature, after 30 minutes of drying to dry, then can be used. You can also seal the feed with pests in plastic bags, put it in the refrigerator under -10℃ and freeze it for 3-5 hours, after killing the pests, then dry it for later use.

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