How to Breed Mealworm in Canada on A Large Scale?

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With the deep study of mealworm raising and processing technology, more and more farmers are engaged in mealworm, barley worm, and Tebebrio pests breeding. And with the outstanding features of low costs and high benefits of this worm processing industry, the farmers from different countries begin to start their mealworm raising plants. As we know that many of our Canada customers have their mealworms workshops and bought our mealworm separating machines to assist their commodity worms production.

Brand New Mealworm Screening Machine
the brand new mealworm screening machine

Why do Canada customers choose to breed barley worms?

  1. The local climate of Canada is very suitable for raising good mealworms. The adaptation of Tenebrio Molitor to different environmental temperatures is different. For adult worms, an air temperature of 24℃ to 35℃ is a suitable temperature for their survival. Mealworms’ growth is more robust and the survival rate is higher at this temperature.
  2. The edible value and economic value of the mealworm are very high. The adult mealworms can be selected by the mealworm sorting machine and be sold at good prices. The mealworm can be processed for making various animal feed, such as fish feed, bird feed, chicken feed, etc. It can also be cooked for making delicious food which is widely served in many hotels.

The conditions for raising mealworm in Canada

  1. Insect species preparation

The provenance of the Tenebrio insect is currently scarce in some countries, and most of the breeding techniques are controlled and monopolized by a small number of individuals or enterprises. Therefore, when the customer introduces the worm species, he must conduct a site inspection to determine the source.

2. Mealworm feeding

Superworm feeding is heteroaryl, under certain temperature and humidity conditions are critical nutrients feed the larvae. If fed with a reasonable compound feed, not only the feeding cost is low, but also the growth rate of barley worms can be accelerated and the reproduction rate can be improved. In traditional breeding practice, most farmers will adopt a wheat bran-based breeding model supplemented with green leaf. Feeding cost is not high, which can fully develop and utilize organic waste resources (organic rot of industry and agriculture).

Mealworm Raising For Money
mealworm raising for money

3. Barley worms breeding equipment

The traditional barley worm breeding equipment is relatively simple and has many specifications. Users can adopt a unified process and technical parameters. These devices usually include breeding boxes, tanks, wooden boxes, cartons, automatic mealworm screening machines, etc.

4. Environmental conditions

The traditional breeding of barley worms is mainly based on normal growth and development under natural environmental conditions, supplemented by necessary artificial adjustment.

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