Mealworm Sifting Machine and Dryer Machine Were Shipped to Canada

large mealworm raising plants

Many Canada farmers have set their mealworm processing plants in recent years for breeding edible worms and selling animal feeding worms. They gave up the importation of Tenebrio Molitor larvae and carried out independent breeding of mealworms, which resulted in huge profits for them.

Why did so many Canada customers choose to breed mealworms?

  1. The import price of mealworms is high

There are many farmers in China and many Southeast Asian countries that breed Tenebrio Molitor, but Canadians rarely know the technology for breeding mealworms. Therefore, a large number of Tenebrio Molitor larvae rely on imports, and these larvae are expensive to import. Many Canadian farmers have begun research into mealworm culture.

Commercial Mealworm Breeding
commercial mealworm breeding
  • The import policy restricts for mealworms

With the deepening of national environmental protection work, many countries have strengthened strict inspections of imports. In 2010, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issued an information announcement stating that it will cease issuing or revising import permits for any live insects defined as pests by the Plant Protection Act. This restriction has prevented many Canadian businessmen from successfully importing Tenebrio insect products.

  • Climate conditions suitable for breeding mealworms

Most of Canada is located in the middle temperate zone. Its mild climate is very suitable for breeding Tenebrio Molitor, and it has a fast growth rate and low cost. As a result, more and more Canadian farmers are raising and selling mealworms.

Mealworm sifter and dryer machine were shipped to Canada

Compact Mealworm Machine
Compact Mealworm Machine

We Shuliy Machinery has been manufactured and supplied various mealworm processing machines for many years. Therefore, many of our mealworm separator machines and mealworm larvae drying machines were sold to domestic and foreign countries for assisting the work of the mealworm breeders. Last month, we shipped almost 15 sets of mealworm machines to many countries, such as Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Belgium, and Canada.

The Canada customer who bought our mealworm sifting machine has a big mealworm raising plant for about two years, and he was mainly to sell the live or dried larvae for making various animal feeds. He bought the mealworm separator for reducing the labor costs and bought the mealworm dryer machine for drying the larvae quickly without fading the worms’ bright color.

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