Profit Analysis of Mealworm Breeding

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The labor intensity of breeding Tenebrio Molitor(mealworm larvae) is low, and the profit space is large. And this mealworm business is loved by many small and medium-sized investors. The mealworm sifting sorter machine is easy to operate and has high work efficiency, which has become an indispensable device for mealworm raising. How does farming Tenebrio Molitor profit?

How is the mealworm price?

Whether you are a market consumer or a merchant who wants to breed yellow mealworms, you must be very concerned about the question of “price of yellow mealworms”. How much is the mealworm per kilogram? In the domestic market, the price of fresh yellow mealworm larvae is 22 RMB/kg, and the price of dried worms is 52 RMB/kg. Tenebrio Molitor can be circulated and reproduced continuously. The yield is very high and the profit is very considerable.


If you want to make money by breeding Tenebrio insects, it is the first choice to understand the cost of mealworm breeding in order to make a profit analysis. Farming Tenebrio Molitor is a one-time investment with a lifetime income. In addition, Tenebrio larvae farming equipment can generally be used for many years, the average investment is relatively small.

Professional profit analysis of mealworm breeding

Take the breeding of 100 kg of seed insects as an example:

The input cost for buying insect species is 100 kg × 120 yuan = 12,000 yuan. The site construction investment is 3,000 yuan (there are waste houses and warehouses to save costs and expenses), the equipment investment is 1,000 yuan, and the total investment is 16,000 yuan.

The mealworm seed can emerge into adults after 30 days of rearing, which is about 60 kg. Adults lay eggs once every 4 days, and they can lay 120 boxes at one time, and they can lay eggs continuously for 60-90 days (based on 70 days, they can produce 18 times).

Dried Mealworms For Selling
dried mealworms for selling

Each box of worm eggs can produce 1.5 kg of larvae after one cycle. During this period (3 months), the number of larvae that can be produced in the plant each time is 120 boxes × 18 times × 1.5 kg boxes = 3240 kg. At this scale, the entire farm can produce 12,960 kg of larvae per month.

At present, the average selling price of larvae on the market is 24 yuan/kg (supermarket or restaurant). The income after deducting the raising cost of 5 yuan per kilogram is 12960 kilograms × 19 yuan = 246240 yuan. Deduction the cost of this period is 16,000 yuan, and the annual income of the Tenebrio Molitor farm is about 230240 yuan, which is a huge benefit for the mealworm breeders.

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