Tenebrio Molitor Separator | Sorting Machine

Tenebrio insects screening machine for sale

The Tenebrio Molitor separator machine (mealworm sorting machine, barley worm screening machine) made by Shuliy machinery is the specially designed mealworm processing equipment for screening the worm debris and sorting out mealworms with different sizes. This cost-effective mealworm machine is very useful in many small, medium-scaled and large-scaled mealworm raising plants.

The necessity for sorting the Tenebrio insects

Experienced aquaculture workers know that in the process of breeding yellow mealworm often to the factory for screening and selection of yellow mealworm larvae. The purpose of screening mealworms is to separate the skins, dung and dead mealworms from each culture box so that the mealworms have a clean environment to grow in and prevent the insects from eating each other. After separating, the mealworm breeders can sieve out the big worms as well as the commodity worms for selling at good prices. And the debris of the mealworm culturing boxes can be removed efficiently.

Mealworm Farm Of The Chile Customers
mealworm farm of the Chile customers

What can the mealworm separator machine do?

This mealworm machine can separate the insect dung, silt screening, worm skins, and impurities removal, separation of living and pupae worms and dead worms, separation of large and small worms, separation of pupae and adults and so on. The insect skins, impurities, cockroaches, dead insects, large insects, and small insects can be sorted at one time, and each of them is separately exported. The whole sorting process only takes only 9 seconds from the feeding to the sorting.

Main features of the Tenebrio Molitor separator machine

1. On the basis of the former mealworm separator, this type of screening machine solved the problem of relatively large damage to mealworms, changed the internal screening structure, and changed from the original selection to the first selection to reduce the damage to mealworms.

2. When improving the separation of live insects and non-infested insects, some living insects in the non-infested insects are upgraded from the original layer of separation tape to three layers of separation tape, which greatly improves the separation of living insects from non-infested insects. Compared with the former data of about 10%-25% of live insects, the effect now can be reduced to about 2%-9%.

3. Improve the separation of large and small mealworms, the internal mesh structure upgrade makes the size separation faster, more uniform and more efficient.

Mealworm Sorting Effect Of The Mealworm Separator
mealworm sorting effect of the mealworm separator
Barley Worm Sorting Machine Structure
barley worm sorting machine structure

Technical parameters of the mealworm sorting machine

Sieve dung250kg/h
Separate big/small worm400kg/h
Select pupae/dead worm50-100kg/h
Net weight138kg
Machine Dimension140x129x75mm