What Is the Market Prospect of Mealworms (Tenebrio) Cultivation?

mealworm barley worm breeding

Barley worm(mealworm) breeding is a new type of low-input, high-output breeding industry, which has the remarkable characteristics of saving the land, water, energy, space and manpower, and its market prospects are very good. As the professional mealworm breeder and mealworm separating machine manufacturer and supplier for many years, we Shuliy machinery will give a detailed analysis of the mealworm raising prospect.

Dried Mealworms For Selling
dried mealworms for selling

What is the mealworm/barley worm/Tenebrio Molitor?

Mealworms, also known as “bread worms”, are insects with high protein content. Most mealworms breeding farmers mainly breed and sell the larvae and adults of mealworms. Native to North America, the yellow mealworm is now found in various countries of the world. Yellow mealworm dry products contain fat 30%, protein up to 50%, in addition, also rich in a variety of nutrients, known as “protein feed treasure house”. It can be used as a fresh feed for special breeding or as feed for poultry and livestock through processing.

Barley Worms Processing Machine
barley worms processing machine

The market for selling mealworms

  1. Barley worms farmers can contact large zoos for stable sales. Because Tenebrio Molitor’s body contains higher protein, fat, sugar and other nutrients, the juice is soft, life is strong, and it is easy to raise, so it can be used as a good feed for the zoo.
  2. Mealworm farmers can cooperate with large local farms. The nutritious mealworms are the high protein food for poultry, and it is also very important for poultry and aquaculture.
  3. Through cooperation with various hotels for fixed sales, yellow mealworm keepers can also make huge profits. Tenebrio worm is a high-protein food that can supplement the amino acids and minerals that the body needs.
  4. Farmers can also have long-term cooperation with some pharmaceutical factories. Mealworm is of great medicinal value, and some pharmaceutical factories buy a large number of barley worms specifically for pharmaceutical use.
Worm Droppings And Dead Worms Sieved By The Mealworm Machine
worm droppings and dead worms sieved by the mealworm machine

High-efficient mealworm separator machine can be your good helper

With the rapid economic development of various countries and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for high-quality animal protein is increasing. However, the lack of protein resources has affected the development of animal husbandry.

Therefore, many countries currently use artificially-raised insects as the main direction of solving protein feed sources. The development of barley worms is one of the prominent representatives: on the one hand, it can directly provide human protein, and on the other hand, it can be used as protein feed.

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