American order again for a stainless-steel mealworm separator!

Commercial and yellow mealworm screening machines provide convenience to most mealworm farms in the United States.
stainless-steel mealworm separator for shipping to America

Commercial and yellow mealworm separator machines provide convenience to most mealworm farms in the United States. They can help remove insect skins and feces and classify the size of insects. We Shuliy factory has been manufacturing and exporting various mealworm screening equipment for about 10 years. We currently have exported more than 1,000 mealworm separator machines to many mealworm farms in the United States.

Applications Of Mealworm Sifter Machine
applications of mealworm sifter machine

Functions of the stainless-steel mealworm separator

This screening machine can separate worm dung, worm skin, impurities, pupae, dead worms, big worms, and small worms at one time. And they are respectively exported from special outlets. It only takes 9 seconds to see from feeding to sorting. And this mealworm separator machine has a dust absorption function throughout the screening process to prevent dust from damaging the operator’s health.

All the functions are selecting crickets, separating dead insects, separating large insects and small insects, screening sand, peeling, removing impurities, separating insects, and vacuuming.

Some functions are sand screening, peeling, removing impurities, and vacuuming (normally breeding worms before 7th instar, generally do not need to divide large and small worms and roundworms, dead worms, and adult worms, so in order to save time and improve efficiency.

Parameters of the American order of stainless-steel mealworm separating machine




Mealworm Sifter Machine
Mealworm Sifter Machine

Model: TZ-9

Voltage: 120v60hz, 1 phase

Power: 0.85kw

Output with all functions:150 kg/h

Output of some functions:300 kg/h

Net weight: 220kg

Machine size: 2000*1150*900mm

Free screen and dust bag for pupa screen



America Plug

American Plug
American Plug
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