150kg/h mealworm screening machine shipped to the United States

Recently, we have exported another machine with a processing capacity of 150kg/h Mealworm screening machine to the United States.
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The mealworm screening machine can effectively separate large and small mealworms, sieve feces, worm skins, and separate dead insects. It is widely used in various scales of mealworm farms. The commercial mealworm screening machine manufactured by our factory has been exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Egypt, Indonesia, and so on. Recently, we have exported another mealworm screening machine with a processing capacity of 150kg/h to the United States.

Why should this American customer buy mealworm sifter?

The American customer is a female, and she and her husband started a business of breeding mealworms in 2016. Their mealworm farm is not large, and they hired 2 workers to manage mealworm breeding, screening, and collecting mature mealworms.

Commercial Mealworm Breeding
Commercial Mealworm Breeding

In order to expand the business of breeding mealworms, they rented a large farm. But expanding the scale of mealworm breeding means that they need to hire more workers to keep the farm running.

However, in the United States, labor costs for workers are high, and hiring workers usually costs more. Therefore, they decided to buy mealworm treatment equipment to replace labor and improve work efficiency.

Why choose the Shuliy mealworm screening machine in the end?

The American customer has never purchased goods from abroad and therefore has no import experience. So she was a little worried about buying a commercial mealworm screening machine from China. She was worried that she could not receive the machine or the machine was damaged during transportation.

Taking into account the customer’s concerns, we found a very powerful freight forwarding company for her, which can guarantee that the equipment will be transported directly to her farm without any damage. In addition, we also customized the power plug of the mealworm screening machine to an American standard plug according to the local voltage situation of the customer and customized the motor to 110v and 60hz.

In addition, considering that the American customer wants to expand mealworm breeding, we also recommended our latest stainless steel mealworm breeding box for her. The American customer was very satisfied with the service we provided and soon paid us a deposit.

Parameters of mealworm screening machine for the United States

Mealworm screening machineModel: TZ–5Voltage:110v 60hzScreening worms dung 310KG/HScreening small.big worms 150KG/HScreen commodity worms 150KG/HPower: 2.05kwWeight: 228kgFree adjustment of dust suction fan.Packing Size: 1650*765*1200mm(L*W*H)Packing weight: 290KG Function: screening insect dung, insect skin, screening large and small insects, screening dead insects, vacuuming.  1 Set
Stainless steel Breeding box sieve size 56*37*7.5cm mesh sizetray size : 62*42*9.5cm box size50 pcs
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