How Do I Start A Mealworm Farm in Australia?

large mealworm breeding plant in Australia

As the economic and edible value of the mealworms has received more and more attention, many investors at home and abroad have begun to establish their own professional mealworm raising farms. Many customers from Australia have purchased multiple Tenebrio mealworm sifting machines to improve the efficiency of their farms and obtain greater economic benefits.

What is a professional mealworm farm?

As the mealworm machine manufacturer and supplier for many years, we have learned a lot of mealworm and barley worm cultivation knowledge and designed many plans for our foreign customers about their mealworm breeding workshops. To start a professional mealworm farm, there are some factors that you should pay great attention to the worm species, breeding plant, raising temperature or climate, mealworm feed, labors, the industrial mealworm separator machine, the knowledge of mealworm growth process, etc.

Working Process Of The Tenebrio Molitor Separator
working process of the Tenebrio Molitor separator

The place for breeding mealworms

The general houses, or abandoned school classrooms, factory workshops, and other sites are all suitable as factories for raising yellow mealworms. These buildings must be large and open with good ventilation. Houses with roofs are best, and flat-roofed houses are not suitable. The concrete floor should be used indoors, and the outdoor floor should be hardened. There should also be a storage room for storing feed, various fruits and vegetables, and vegetable leaves. The size of the mealworm farm will depend on the number of mealworm eggs introduced by the customer.

To learn how is the mealworms life cycle

The development cycle of Tenebrio Molitor is eggs-larva-pupa-adult, each stage can be used as a mature product. The whole growth cycle of mealworms is 45-65 days, with strong adaptability, fast growth, and a high reproduction rate. In particular, the larvae and pupae of Tenebrio Molitor contain higher nutrients, and their nutritional content ranks first among all types of live animal protein feed.


What should be prepared for starting a mealworm farm?

1. Shelf: cloverleaf shelf is a commonly used equipment for raising yellow mealworms, which has the advantages of good ventilation effect, easy feeding and management, and saving space. Shelf USES commonly ligneous or iron make, the ligneous cost is low but uses time is short, iron makes relative cost tall, but use time is long. Wood material: white pine, camphor pine, larch, generally with square wood to make, wood body according to the size of the shelf to determine. Open half – falcon, joint hanging glue, nail live. Iron frame material: Angle steel, square tube. Material specifications according to the size of the shelf to determine, welding, drilling on the screw can be.

2. Boxes: there are four kinds of boxes: breeding box, breeding box, operation box, and transportation box. Breeding boxes, breeding boxes of the same specifications, size of 0.8 m x0.4 m. The size of the operating box is slightly larger, usually 1 m x0.5 m. The transport box is larger, generally 1.00 m x0.5 m. Material: wood, fir, camphor pine, white pine is better. Whatever the box, the tape should be put on the inside of it to prevent bugs from escaping.

Mealworm Screening Machines Are In Stock
mealworm screening machines are in stock

3. Sieves: sieves are used for worm reproduction and separation. Screen bottom with galvanized wire and stainless steel net. Specification: the breeding screen is small, the separation screen is matched with the operating box. The number of different purposes is different, there is the separation of large and small insects to screen the dung, pupa selection. Usually, customers can purchase an electric yellow mealworm sorting machine for large quantities of yellow mealworm screening work.

4. Others: dustpan, plastic dustpan, broom, tweezers, magnifying glass, thermometer, thermometer.

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