Mealworm sorting machine was delivered to new Spanish customer

In the recent month, we have delivered our machine to a female customer in Spain to help her expand the farming scale. Why did the new Spanish customer choose this type of mealworm screening machine? How was our deal made?
Mealworm sorting machine in Spain

To meet the actual needs of mealworm farmers, we have advanced our mealworm sorting machine and produced the latest model. Due to the integrated functions and high efficiency, the most advanced mealworm separating machine become increasingly popular in the global market. In the recent month, we have delivered our machine to a female customer in Spain to help her expand the farming scale. Why did the new Spanish customer choose this type of mealworm screening machine? How was our deal made? Let’s take a look at the details about the mealworm sorting machine in Spain.

Why need an industrial mealworm sorting machine?

Tenebrio Molitor farming requires circular screening of worm manure, skin, dead insects, and screening of mealworm at different growth stages every day. Such requires intensive manual work. Our mealworm sorting machine has a complete series of functions to fully match the demands of mealworm farmers with high efficiency. The following are the major functions of the mealworm sorting machine in Spain.

  • Dust removal for clean indoor air
  • Selection of dead insects
  • Sieve worm manure and skins
  • Screening large and small larvae
  • Separation of pupae and larvae
  • Sorting pupae and adult worm
  • Screening black beetles
Mealworm Separating Machine
Mealworm Separating Machine

Advantages of the newest model of mealworm sorting machine in Spain

  1. The indoor air is clean and pollution-free.
  2. Reasonable vibration, causting no harm to larvae and pupae
  3. High selection rate. If done properly, the net selection rate of large and small insects is higher than 99%. The pupae can be quickly selected by replacing the pupa selection screen, and the net selection rate of pupae is more than 90%.
  4. High efficacy, some functions are equivalent to the workload of more than 20 people;
  5. Low cost and energy-saving. The copper core wire motor has low power consumption.
  6. The air volume can be adjusted freely, which is more convenient.
  7. The accessories are fully upgraded to facilitate the filling of lubricating oil.
  8. Universal casters for easy indoor movement.

How did our Spanish customer decide to place an order?

Mealworm Sorting Machine In Packaging
Mealworm Sorting Machine In Packaging

Our customer Jenny started her business of Tenebrio Molitor farming in 2018 at a small scale. As her business went better and better, she planned to engage in medium-size farming, while her previous manpower was not enough. After she found our machine on the Internet, she got in touch with us soon. Later, she expressed her doubts and concerns to our sales representative. Here is part of her inquiries.

First, she asked us about the difference between the 5th generation machine with the previous ones and inquired about the functions of the machine parts. We sent her a users’ guide with detailed machine drawings and the working video.

Besides, since she had no import experience, she wanted to know whether we had export cases in her country and whether we could provide home delivery service. As we are an experienced manufacturer, with over 10 years of manufacturing and exporting experience, we soon sent her the feedbacks of our previous Spanish customers and offer her different freight methods for her option.

In addition, the machine warranty time and other after-sale services were also what she mentioned. The general warranty time is one year. As our machine quality is guaranteed, it needs no worry about its performance. Once there are any problems, we will provide timely solutions. Satisfied with our product and service, Jenny then signed a contract with us.

Technical data of the SL-5 Model ordered

Sieve dung300kg-500kg/h
Separate big/small worm150kg/h
Select pupae/dead worm50-70kg/h
Net weight240kg
Machine Size1490x650x1050mm

In the above table, the voltage is the general set of the mealworm sorting machine in Spain. For special needs, we can make customization. Along with the machine, a pupae sorting screen can be offered. Other spare parts can also be supplied according to your needs. For more detailed information, welcome to contact with us.

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