The 10th Tenebrio Molitor sieving machine sold to the US

Congratulations! One customer located in Ohio purchased one 10th Tenebrio Molitor sieving machine for his mealworms separation.
Tenebrio Molitor sieving machine

 Congratulations! One customer located in Ohio purchased one 10th Tenebrio Molitor sieving machine for his mealworms separation. The yellow mealworm sifter is important in the farming industry. This machine supports yellow mealworm farmers and enhances their production through sieving technology and moves towards a successful farming path.

Why did the client buy the Tenebrio Molitor sieving machine for the US?

This customer built his own yellow mealworm farm after intensive study and research. However, facing a large amount of mealworm sieving work, he realized that manual sieving was not only time-consuming but also inefficient.

To solve this problem, he intended to purchase an efficient yellow mealworm sifter. This sifter is equipped with advanced automation technology and a fine sifting structure to sift mealworms quickly and accurately.

What will the customer get by using the mealworm separator machine?

By using the sifter, this customer is able to significantly improve his yellow meal sifting. His production has increased dramatically while saving a lot of time and human resources.

Reference to the machine PI for the US

Tenebrio Molitor Sieving Machine Pi
Tenebrio Molitor sieving machine PI

Notes to the newest Tenebrio Molitor sieving machine:

  1. Production time:  about 7-15 working days.
  2. Payment term: 100%  payment by T/T before shipping.
  3. We have 1 years warranty. If the machine has a problem when you use:
    • A. You provide a feedback video to us, and we will check what happened.
    • B. If there is a problem with the machine due to an improper operation, we provide the parts for their original price for you.
    • C. If not by man’s inappropriate behavior, we provide parts for free.
    • D. Throughout the process, we will provide 24-hour online service to teach you how to replace parts, etc. We do our best for every service. The seller offers forever technical service and spare parts at a cost price.

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