What Is the Best Food for Raising Mealworms?

barley worms breeding with shuliy machines

Mealworm’s nutritional requirements are different at different stages of growth. In particular, feeding methods for the larval and adult stages of mealworm or barley worms are also different. For the majority of Tenebrio Molitor culture enterprises, in order to pursue higher economic benefits, the nutritional needs of different stages of the mealworms meal should be met as much as possible in the process of raising Tenebrio insects.

Brand-New Shuliy Mealworm Machines
Brand-new Shuliy mealworm machines

Is it difficult to feed mealworms?

The nutritional components required by Tenebrio insects are basically the same as those of many higher animals. Their feed must contain nutrients such as protein, sugars, lipids, vitamins, and inorganic salts. Mealworm is an omnivorous insect that can eat a variety of food, wheat bran, rice bran, and various vegetables. The mealworm larvae also eat elm leaves, mulberry leaves, tung leaves, legume leaves and so on. There is no limit to what the mealworm eats. Grain meals can be used as food. Therefore, the breeding of Tenebrio Molitor is relatively simple. In addition, its large breeding capacity and rapid breeding characteristics. Households are willing to breed the nutritious mealworms.

The requirements for feeding Tenebrio insects/mealworms

Compared with the adults of mealworms, the larvae of mealworms feed on a wide range of food. In addition to wheat bran and peel, fresh criteria leaves, mulberry leaves, tung leaves, legume leaves, and various insect carcasses are the food patterns of the larvae.

 When hungry, yellow mealworms will even appear to cannibalize each other to eat small phenomena. Therefore, in the process of feeding mealworms, the mealworm screening machine should be used to screen the mealworm larvae in time. Considering the economic cost, the main food for breeding yellow mealworm is wheat bran with some fruits and vegetables, leaves and weeds, etc., and the feed cost is relatively low.

Commercial Mealworm Raising Workshop In Belgium
commercial mealworm raising workshop in Belgium

There are mainly six types of feed for yellow mealworms

1. Refined feed. It is mainly the by-product of grain and oil processing plants. Such as wheat bran, sorghum, corn, rice and so on. The feed can be fed raw or cooked. The so-called cooked feed is stir-fry medium, its feed with fragrance, more palatable. It is important to note that wheat bran containing talcum powder cannot be fed to yellow mealworms.

2. Roughage. Agricultural by-products and hay belong to the roughage. Agricultural products are mainly: shell, vine, orange, seedlings and so on.

Mealworm Raising With Vegetable Leaf
mealworm raising with vegetable leaf

3. Green feed. Green feed mainly includes a variety of vegetables, fresh grass, grass, leaves, crop stems, and leaves. Such as a variety of green vegetables, lettuce leaves, cabbage, pumpkin leaves, sweet leaves, soybean leaves; The larvae mainly eat elm leaves, mulberry leaves, tung leaves, legumes and so on.

4. Juicy feed. It mainly refers to the water more melon feed. For example, pumpkins, watermelons, cantaloupes, peaches, plums, and the flowers of these crops. Due to the excessive water content of the juicy feed, the best use in the summer high-temperature season, not only can increase the humidity of the breeding environment, maintain the moisture of yellow mealworm, but also can have a certain cooling effect.

5. Protein feed. Including vegetable protein word material, such as rapeseed cake, bean cake, bean curd residue. Animal protein word material such as fish meal, silkworm chrysalis powder, maggot powder, still have the meat bottom corner material of the kitchen. Earthworms are also a good source of yellow mealworms.

Mealworm Farming With Wheat Bran
Mealworm Farming With Wheat Bran
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