What Nutritional Value Does Mealworms/Tenebrio Molitor Have?

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Yellow mealworms are the most ideal insects for artificial breeding. They are rich in protein, minerals, and various amino acids. Tenebrio Molitor has high edible value and medicinal value and is also a very important animal feed. Therefore, its economic value is very high and it is welcomed by farmers in various countries. Yellow mealworm separating machine as important breeding equipment has been gradually sold around the world.

Commercial Mealworm Separating Machine For Sale
commercial mealworm separating machine for sale

What is the nutritional value of the mealworms

Tenebrio Molitor larvae, pupae and adults all contain higher nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, inorganic salts, and vitamins. The protein content of fresh mealworm is higher than that of milk, eggs, pigs, cattle, and mutton, and is almost the same as that of fish and frogs. The protein content of dried mealworm meal is 48% ~ 54%, which is an excellent animal protein, and the ratio of the content of essential amino acids to the total amino acid content of the protein is 44.75%.

Edible Value Of The Mealworms
Edible value of the mealworms

The Tenebrio insects are the ideal high protein nutrition enhancer. Besides, mealworms’ fat content is lower than eggs, pork, higher than beef, mutton and fish, slightly higher than tussah pupa and milk. The mealworm pests also contain a lot of trace elements, vitamins B2, vitamin E, and vitamin D. To improve the survival rate of the mealworms and produce the healthier insects, the breeders always use the automatic mealworm separator machine for screening the bulks of worms of their plants regularly, which can ensure the clean environment for mealworm growth.

Main applications of the Tenebrio insects

1. Yellow mealworm is not only used as feed but also edible. Live mealworm larvae can be used directly to feed chickens, parrots, scorpions, bullfrogs, and other animals, and can also be processed into adult worms and insect powder for sale. Its larva contains 56.58% crude protein, 28.20% fat, 57% pupa and 64% crude protein, which is much higher than conventional animal food such as eggs, beef, and mutton, and easy to digest and absorb, making it known as the “king of protein” among insects.

Hot-Sale Mealworm Products
hot-sale mealworm products

2. The mealworm fat contains rich unsaturated fatty acids, can be purified as medical and cosmetic fat, can improve the anti-wrinkle function of the skin, skin disease has a certain treatment and relief of symptoms. The Tenebrio mealworm can be used as raw material to extract SOD as the raw material of beauty and health products, and its anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, whitening, skin-raising effect is better than the existing market products. 

3. The unique chitin and antimicrobial peptides of mealworms can reduce blood pressure, improve immunity, activate cells, prevent cancer, lower blood fat, lower blood pressure, regulate blood glucose, anti-aging, regulate the body environment and other functions, which can be used in medical products and health care products.

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