American Customer Purchased 3 Sets of Shuliy Mealworm Sorting Machines

freshly manufactured mealworm separator machines

Tenebrio Molitor(mealworm) farming projects are getting more and more attention from investors in various countries, and a series of advanced mealworm processing machines are also welcomed by the market. Our multifunctional mealworm sorting machine is not only popular in Southeast Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, etc. In recent years, it has also been praised by many European and American countries, such as Belgium, Germany, Canada, America, the United Kingdom and so on.

What can a mealworm separator machine do for mealworm farming?

Farmers with certain breeding experience know that in the breeding process of Tenebrio insects, the mealworms in different growth stages must be screened and isolated frequently. The mealworm screening machine can replace the heavy work of manually screening the mealworm, saving time and effort. This machine is very practical. It can not only separate the lungworm, dead worms, worm skin and various feeding wastes from the farm, but also the larvae, pupae, and adults of the worms can be separated by size with this machine.

Tenebrio Molitor Sorting Machine Is In Manufacturing
Tenebrio Molitor sorting machine is in manufacturing

The reasons for choosing Shuliy mealworm machines

This American customer has a large factory that processes a variety of animal proteins. He and his partners have established a fishmeal factory two years ago. In the process of using fish meal production lines to process fish meal, they collected the extruded fish oil and other types of mixed water to extract the fish protein in it. Due to the very high protein content of mealworms, they set up a small and medium scale Tenebrio Molitor farm for animal protein production.

In order to save labor costs and improve the level of automated production in the factory, the customer and his partner considered purchasing automatic screening equipment to assist in the cultivation of mealworms. However, most of the domestic Tenebrio Molitor farms rely entirely on artificial methods, and there are no mature mealworm sifting machines on the market. Later, when they looked for information, they found our website and felt that our machine was very suitable for their needs.

Today, our multi-purpose Tenebrio insects separating machine has been put into use in this customer’s factory, and the customer has feedback that the machine’s work efficiency is very high, which greatly helps the production and processing of their factory.

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