Farm-use mealworm sifter machine shipped to Austria

The mealworm sifter machine is very suitable for use in the mealworm farm to screen the mealworms in batches. Recently, we shipped a mealworm sifter to Austria.
automatic mealworm separator shipped to Austria

The mealworm sifter machine is a common auxiliary equipment for many yellow mealworm farmers, which can help quickly screen the size of the mealworms and remove the feces. Today, our factory’s mealworm screening equipment has been exported to many foreign countries, such as Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, Canada, the United States, and so on. Last weekend, we once again exported a mealworm sifting machine with a processing capacity of 300kg per hour to Austria.

Mealworm Sifter Shipment For Austria
mealworm sifter shipment for Austria

Why choose the mealworm sifting machine?

The Austrian customer has its own mealworm farm in the local area. He has been in the mealworm business for 3 years. His mealworm farm mainly conducts mealworm breeding and then sells high-quality mealworm larvae. Sometimes, he also sells adult yellow mealworms to other yellow mealworm farms.

At the beginning of the year, the Austrian customer expanded its own Tenebrio molitor farm. The area of ​​the current farm is almost twice that of the original farm. In order to improve the efficiency of yellow mealworm breeding, the Austrian customer also hired 3 experienced workers for his farm and decided to buy a mealworm sifter machine.

When the Austrian customer was browsing Facebook, he saw the video of the mealworm sifter equipment released by our factory. He was very satisfied with the screening effect and screening efficiency of the machine, so he quickly contacted us.

Mealworm Farms
mealworm farms

Parameters of the mealworm sifter machine for shipping to Austria

 Mealworm Sifter MachineModel: TZ-9Voltage: 220v50hz, single phasePower: 0.85kwFull function output: 150kg/hOutput of some functions: 300kg/hNet weight: 220kgMachine size: 2000*1150*900mmFree screen and dust bag for pupal screening
European standard plug European Standard Plug
DestinationVienna port in Austria
Mode of transportBy sea

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