Is mealworm farming profitable?

We will discuss three aspects of yellow mealworm farming techniques, the functions of yellow mealworms, and how to make a profit for your reference.
mealworm farming

Yellow mealworm farming is a growing activity in South Africa, Australia and even around the world. The main concern of yellow mealworm farmers is whether they can make a profit or not. In this article, we will discuss three aspects of yellow mealworm farming techniques, the functions of yellow mealworms, and how to make a profit for your reference.

Mealworm farming technology

  • House: The yellow mealworm must have a breeding house. The house should be light and ventilated, and there should be heating and heat preservation equipment in winter. The size of the rearing room depends on how many yellow mealworms it breeds. In general, every 20 square meters of a room can raise 800-500 plates.
  • Rearing plate: For mealworm farming, the rearing plate is generally square. Sieve tray, also rectangular. It is to be placed in a wooden tray. The wood used to make the frame should preferably be free from odor. To prevent worms from crawling out, attach plastic tape to the top edge of the 4 frames of the rearing tray.
  • Tray frame: The wooden frame for placing the rearing trays is made according to the amount of rearing and the number of rearing trays. Use square wood to connect the wooden frame and fix it to prevent it from tilting or tipping, and then you can put the rearing trays on the shelf in order.
  • Other equipment: The temperature inside the feeding room is required to be maintained at 15~25℃ in winter and summer. To always know the indoor temperature, it is best to have a thermometer and hygrometer.

Functions of mealworms

Using 3% to 6% of fresh worms instead of the same amount of domestic fish meal to feed broilers can increase the weight gain rate by 13% and the feed return rate by 23%.

Mealworms For Sale
mealworms for sale

5% of mealworm larvae powder was used to replace the same amount of imported fish meal and fed to laying hens during the peak egg production period for 23 days. The result was that the egg production rate of feeding mealworms was 93.42%, and the egg production rate of feeding imported fish meal was 92.33%, which improved 1.09%; egg weight increased by 0.37 grams.

How to make profits by mealworm breeding?

Understanding the above, you can make a profit by selling good quality yellow mealworms or yellow mealworm powder. Picking high quality mealworms from mealworm farming helps you get profits.

For high-quality mealworms, by using Shuliy’s mealworm separator to select good quality yellow mealworms for sale, the price will definitely be higher.

If you want to sell mealworm powder, you can use the grinding machine to grind it into powder and sell it directly.

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