Ways to make benefits of mealworms by mealworm farming?

There are many ways to create benefits of mealworm by mealworm farming. Here is a general introduction to the economic value of mealworms.
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Tenebrio Molitor has high nutritional value and a wide range of applications. The breeding of Tenebrio Molitor has high economic benefits and broad market prospects. Mealworm is easy to raise and can reproduce all year round. The main food of Tenebrio Molitor is wheat bran and vegetable leaves. 1.5kg wheat bran can support 0.5kg Tenebrio Molitor, (about 5000 pieces), and the survival rate of cultured Tenebrio Molitor is high. Tenebrio Molitor can be raised circularly with a high yield. In large-scale breeding, Tenebrio Molitor screening equipment and mealworm dryer machine have been widely used, which greatly improves the breeding efficiency. There are many ways to create benefits of mealworm by mealworm farming. Here is a general introduction to the economic value of mealworms.

Processed to be human food

Tenebrio Molitor larvae can be used as food after removing impurities and cleaning up toxins in their bodies. It can be used as a nutritious green food. Tenebrio Molitor is rich in nutritional elements such as protein and vitamins, as well as major mineral elements such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. And it is easy to digest and absorb. Frying and boiling mealworms are very delicious. It also has medical and health care value and can be processed into nutrients and drugs.

Mealworm Hamburger
Mealworm Hamburger

Used for raising chickens

Feeding mealworms to chickens can boost their immunity and illness resistance, as well as their laying rate and egg quality. Furthermore, the meat is more flavorful, and the egg yolk is of higher phospholipid content and trace elements.

Raising Chicken With Tenebrio Molitor
Raising Chicken With Tenebrio Molitor

For feeding fish

Feeding fish with mealworm can be used for certain kinds of fish species, such as tropical fish and goldfish. Since most fish feed by swallowing, the feeding body of Tenebrio Molitor should not be too large. It is advisable to use Tenebrio Molitor screening equipment to sort the worms for specific use. Tenebrio Molitor larvae which are white in color and tender in skin and meat can also be used as bait. 

Served as toad feed

Toad is very active in preying on Tenebrio Molitor. Each toad weighing 30 grams can prey on Tenebrio Molitor about 4 grams each time. The mortality of toads fed with Tenebrio Molitor and other insects is greatly reduced, and the yield of toad crisp can be increased by more than 10%.

Used as snake feed

Tenebrio Molitor can also be used as feed for young snakes. Feeding adult snakes with Tenebrio Molitor can be combined with other feeds to form a full feed and processed into a mass suitable for snakes to swallow. The feeding amount should be treated differently according to the number, size, and season of snakes. Generally, it is fed 3 to 5 times a month.

The above-mentioned ways are the common ways to make economic benefits of Tenebrio Molitor in farming. During mealworm farming, commercial Tenebrio Molitor screening equipment can be a great helper. The mealworm separator machine is an efficient solution for separating the large and small larvae, pupa, live and dead larvae, beetles, and mealworm skins and dung, which have different applications. We offer mealworm screening machines at affordable prices. Welcome to contact us for professional machine information.

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