Four-synchronous Feeding Method for Tenebrio Molitor(Mealworms)

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Tenebrio molitor(mealworm) is also called breadworm. It has fast growth, rough feeding resistance, strong reproduction ability, and low feeding cost. However, due to the long natural growth and reproduction cycle and slow production speed of mealworms, as a professional mealworm breeder and mealworm machine manufacturer, after nearly three years of exploration, we have found a very practical and efficient “four-synchronous” feeding method can greatly increase the productivity of mealworm.

Detailed description of the mealworm four-synchronous feeding

 Sync pairing

Adult males and females of the same age were grouped together and put together in the same plastic pot. This can not only improve the labor productivity of the breeder, but also help to strengthen the management of breeding and ensure the simultaneous performance of various production performances.

Canada Customer'S Mealworm Raising Plant
Canada customer’s mealworm raising plant

 Synchronous spawning

Tenebrio molitor larvae generally start to spawn within 3 to 4 days after pairing. Since the entire group of adult-bred adults are paired at the same time, the result of simultaneous spawning will occur.

 Synchronous incubation

The specific incubation time of Mealworm larvae is generally 7 to 10 days. After 7 days at a suitable temperature, the eggs should be sieved by a commercial mealworm separator machine. When sieving eggs, first sieve the feed and other debris in the pot to prevent individual eggs or larvae from being stored in the pot, and then put the egg-bringing paper into a plastic pot or move it to an incubator.

The hatching box has the same specifications as the adult spawning box. The bottom of the box is a wooden board. The hatching box can hatch 2 to 3 egg boxes or use plastic pots to hatch 2 to 3 eggs. However, the eggs should be stacked in layers. ~ 4 wooden strips are separated to allow air to penetrate. In the dry season, the eggs should be covered with a layer of vegetable leaves. The eggs can be hatched in the box or pot within 10 days.

 Synchronous feeding

The hatched larvae are placed in a breeding room for artificial breeding. The breeding room should be disinfected and cleaned, and a feeding rack should be installed. Put plastic pots on the rack, and add 0.4 to 0.5 kg of mixed feed in the pot. Generally, 0.15 to 0.2 kg of larvae are placed in each pot.

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