How to separate mealworms from bedding?

Mealworm farmers often face the challenge of separating mealworm eggs from adults. However, with Shuliy's Mealworm Separator, this problem is made easy.
separate mealworms by mealworm sorting machine

Mealworm farmers often face the challenge of separating mealworms from bedding. However, with Shuliy’s Mealworm Separator, this problem is made easy. Now let’s together see how our Tenebrio Molitor sorting machine separates adult mealworms, its advantages and how to get one.

Way to separate mealworms: mealworm separator

The worm larvae sorting machine is an efficient, automated device that makes it easy to quickly and accurately separate mealworm adults from bedding. This technology separates adult worms through physical screening, providing a convenient solution for farmers.

Using our mealworm larvae sorting machine can effectively separate mealworms from bedding, which saves time and benefits mealworm farmers.

Advantages of using Shuliy mealworm sifter

  • Greatly save time and labor costs.
  • Easy to operate and highly accurate, ensuring consistency and reliability in the separation process.
  • No require the use of chemicals or other methods that may negatively affect the insects, thus ensuring a safe and stable farming environment.

How to get this machine?

If you would also like to obtain a yellow mealworm sieving machine from Shuliy, contact us directly. Our team will provide you with more detailed information and customize a solution that best suits your mealworms separating needs.

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